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School Purpose

As the formal educational ministry of Mountain View Lutheran Church and in support of its overall mission of Connecting, Caring, and Sharing through Christ...

We partner with families in
equipping and nurturing each child to
love their Lord by
knowing and serving the world.

School-Wide Learner Outcomes

Graduates of Mountain View Lutheran School will have been prepared for the following:

Faithful Christian Living
● Grow in their relationship with the One True God through worship, the Bible, and prayer
● Serve God, home, and the community
● Display and share their faith and talents in words and actions, both inside and outside the school environment
● Respect, care for, and honor their bodies as children of God created in His image.are given the opportunity to expand their interests, develop their skills, and accept the daily challenge of being good stewards of the gifts God has given them.

Avid Learning
● Demonstrate age-appropriate proficiency in academic content areas
● Know how to locate, assess, and apply information
● Utilize appropriate technology and resources to enhance the learning experience
● Pursue areas of interest and continue to learn outside the classroom

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
● Develop and implement critical thinking and problem-solving skills
● Be active listeners
● Organize work and manage time
● Acquire and put into practice proven conflict-resolution skills

Communicating and Expressing
● Analyze and interpret information in various forms to effectively communicate with others
● Speak and listen intentionally
● Utilize developmentally-appropriate writing skills
● Communicate effectively ideas and feelings
● Express creatively through the arts and technology

Productive and Socially Responsible Citizenship
● Demonstrate respect for God and all of His creation
● Recognize and contribute to the needs of their communities
● Display responsibility and self-discipline in their words and actions
● Collaborate with others to achieve desired goals

Our Philosophy

Mountain View Lutheran School is committed to:
● Engaging a faculty and staff who are professionally prepared and personally sensitive to youth;
● Developing an appreciation of the worth of the individual and helping these individuals understand their own worth;
● Utilizing a variety of creative educational methodologies designed to serve student needs;
● Following a complete program which reflects the best of both traditional and contemporary standards of school excellence; and
● Providing a ministry of education within our church and community.

Further, we are a Christian school. Accordingly, this is what we believe:
● We believe that God is the Triune God and we have faith in His saving grace as confessed by the one, holy, and apostolic Church.
● We believe that the entire Bible is the divine and inspired Word of God. God is revealed in our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Holy Scriptures, and is active in our everyday lives.
● We believe that sin - separation from God through disobedience - places all people under God’s eternal judgment.
● We believe that through the redeeming death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through Him only, the curse and threat of sin is completely removed and salvation possible.
● We believe that salvation is a gift of God offered at the initiative of His love, not based on the merit of people.
● We believe that this gift of salvation is offered to all who, by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, receive Him as Savior and Lord.
● We believe that life is meaningful because it is a gift from God; we believe that the universe is God’s handiwork.
● We believe that Mountain View Lutheran Church and School is part of God’s church and that we, therefore, have a ministry to each other.

Further, we are a Lutheran Christian school. Accordingly, we:
● accept the historical Lutheran Confessions;
● appreciate our Lutheran heritage;
● believe in the power of forgiveness and of the Sacraments (baptism and holy communion) in interpersonal relations;
● recognize that God has called all persons to use their gifts in service to Him;
● encourage the freedom of the individual Christian, so that he/she may responsibly serve others.

Parents who are not members of Mountain View Lutheran Church or the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod are encouraged to attend the Adult Information Class, which will provide an opportunity to better understand the principles of Christianity discussed in the classroom.

Mountain View Lutheran School’s enrollment is open to all who do and would seek Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We offer equal opportunity to all students regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin to participate in programs and activities made available to students of the school.